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Team Midfielders
the team thats better than you are
8th Jul 2011 @ 05:04 pm - Inappropriate Icon....
caffery 1
is my current love and comes from a show called White Collar. What can I say? I'm a fickle bitch.

Also, I do pictures not witty sayings. I start to sound dumb like three pictures in.

Finally, a God Damn PIC SPAMCollapse )

So, those are some of my favoruites, I bet you noticed a trend! Introduce me to something pretty, please?


Edit one million: Post is unlocked because I am lazy. Feel free to encourage people to drop by and leave pretty pictures. We can all use as much pretty as we can get. :D
17th Nov 2010 @ 04:03 pm - Fanzone Challenge Post...
carlos default
I thought I'd put this up because I have a few minutes, and then everyone can have the most time possible to gather support for the team. :)

I hope that this is okay as a form. Anyone let me know if there's anything else they want in the post.

Oh, I suppose I should include the phrase for the comments. It's I support Team Midfielders.

25th Jan 2010 @ 07:44 pm(no subject)
Malec - Power Couple Extraordinaire
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